Origami Rain Star


A little origami modular to start the New Year 2021! Happy new year! 

This nice little modular, called Origami Rain Star is designed by Aldo Marcell. I have folded a couple of his models before - the Origami Tornado and the Origami Cyclon. And so I was quite excited and scared of folding this one! The Origami Cyclon was really a difficult one to fold! But this turned out to be a joy to fold and assemble and very economical to boot! 

This model is folded from a rectangle 1:3 in ratio. So I used double sided origami paper, 7.5 cms in size. I divided the paper into 3, so the pieces I ended up with were 2.5 cms by 7.5 cms. The individual modules were quite easy to fold. And the assembly was also surprisingly easy!

 What surprised me the most about this model was the size of the finished model. 1-inch by 3-inch rectangles, I expected a small model. Turns out this model was quite different! The final model measured approximately 4 inches in diameter.

Double-sided paper works best and I love the way those little stars show up when the modules are assembled. 75 gsm origami paper works best for sizes that I usually fold. 

Model Details:

Model: Rain Star

Creator: Aldo Marcell

Difficulty Level: Low Intermediate

Paper Ratio: 1:3

Paper Size: 1 inch by 3 inches

Model Size: ~4 inches in diameter

Modules: 30

Instructions: Stranamasterov.ru

Tutorial: Youtube 


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